ISO 9001

Because quality is key in everything we do.

We believe that being a ranger is a profession. One that often places high demands on the physical and mental capacity of the ranger, through the sheer variety, risk, and complexity of their work. When speaking to rangers from around the world, something that comes up very often is that they want recognition and professionalisation of their job. But what does that mean?

The Global Register of Competences for Protected Area Practitioners defines it as follows: "The process of professionalisation includes the adoption of recognised standards of competence and performance, standards that are integrated into qualifications, professional development, career paths and performance assessments, as well as organisational culture and practices."

This is our goal as LEAD Ranger. Our training needs to adhere to recognized quality standards, both in content and in execution. LEAD Ranger has therefore implemented and maintains a management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 based on the scope:

The training and mentoring of rangers under the LEAD Ranger program.

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