Why we support organisations on the leading edge of conservation

The ecosystems that balance our climate and make life on Earth possible are under extreme threat. Without sufficient action and along with humankind, we are destined to take thousands of species to extinction in this generation alone.

Park Rangers are nature's first responders. Their actions in protecting ecosystems - which inherently includes communities - are pivotal in turning the tide on extinction. LEAD Ranger is committed to supporting this global community of professional Rangers.

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In a remote, dynamic and demanding environment, Rangers require access to continuous professional development by their peers, in their own language and their own workspace.

Coach Ranger Life Saver

Imagine a medical immediate responder course, specifically designed for your Rangers and Scouts. No endless classroom sessions, no Powerpoint, but Reality-Based Training, tailored to the situation on the ground. 

Imagine having the best materials available to your teams. Imagine your own Rangers as certified Coaches, who can instruct and coach your entire workforce, supported with training materials, lesson aids, an online resource base, and long-term support. That is Coach Ranger Life Saver.

Field Ranger Instructor

Having your own certified LEAD Field Ranger Instructors means you can have training delivered, where you need it and when you need it. No need to outsource training, with lowered training costs and instructors that understand your local context, language and culture. Certified LEAD Field Ranger Instructors deliver quality training that is safe, ethical, legal and accountable.

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