Why we support organisations on the leading edge of conservation

The ecosystems that balance our climate and make life on Earth possible are under extreme threat. Without sufficient action and along with humankind, we are destined to take thousands of species to extinction in this generation alone.

Park Rangers are nature's first responders. Their actions in protecting ecosystems - which inherently includes communities - are pivotal in turning the tide on extinction. LEAD Ranger is committed to supporting this global community of professional Rangers.

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In a remote, dynamic and demanding environment, Rangers require access to continuous professional development by their peers, in their own language and their own workspace.

LEAD Ranger

LEAD Rangers are junior Rangers or Scouts that go through a rigorous leadership course, designed to advise, instruct, mentor and lead the Rangers or Scouts in their protected area on resilience, law enforcement and investigations. LEAD Ranger students are selected from the Instructors that have built experience training and mentoring their peers, in close consultation with their management.

LEAD Advisor

LEAD Advisors are senior Rangers or Scouts that fulfil an operational management role within their protected area. This development path is designed to minimise time away from the workspace. Through themed workshops, operational and distance mentoring and e-learning we support LEAD Advisors in their daily work. Emphasis is on unit welfare and resilience, leading complex enforcement and investigative operations, and directing and coaching the LEAD Rangers and Instructors within their area.

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  • LEAD Ranger
  • LEAD Advisor