How we work

The LEAD Ranger program follows a specific set of principles:

We work together with organisations, not individuals

The real impact of the LEAD Ranger program is not achieved when trainers graduate, but once they are training their peers. This can only happen if the graduate is fully supported by his/her parent organisation during all stages of the program. For this reason, we work together with organisations, not individuals.

We provide long-term train-the-trainer courses and guidance
As LEAD Ranger, we only train trainers, who then return to their protected area and are on site and ready to provide rangers with continuous training and coaching. We provide our graduates with resource materials and an online resource base, refresher training and advice, ensuring that they are up to date and can deliver their lessons with confidence.

We build networks
In our experience, rangers learn best from other rangers. We always make sure that our courses include individuals from multiple organisations, allowing rangers to share experiences, stories and telephone numbers.

You pay for your rangers, not for the training
The LEAD Ranger program provides training materials and instructors free of charge. We do, however, expect you to take care of ranger accommodation, meals, transport and salaries for your own rangers during the training.

We evaluate and update our training
We ask for assistance from the organisations we work with, to ensure that our monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment strategy is implemented. This way we can keep delivering the best and most up to date training to your rangers. 

We use your training location
For Instructor Courses, we always aim to gather local organisations together at the training location that is nearest and most affordable for participating organisations. If your area is suitable for training, let us know!

We walk the talk
LEAD Ranger has implemented and maintains a management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. In addition, we are carbon neutral, choosing to offset our emissions with Nula Carbon. This includes travel emissions for our staff and trainees, electricity bills as well as grocery trips and cooking gas.